My name is Worzel and I live with my famberly near Southwold, in Ingerland.

As well as being a dog and a luffly boykin, I are an author, a blogger and a very actual himportant member of my famberly. I live with my forever Mum, Dad, two nearly grown up children… and 5 cats.  

I was rescued by Hounds First Sighthound Rescue and I does fink it is my himportant work to help them rescue other dogs. I does try to make sure hoomans know about being kind to dogs and using positive reward based training – wot is a fancy posh way of saying I aren’t doing sit, if you doesn’t have cheese. And sometimes, not even actual very then.

So far I has writted 2 books and I do write a collie-um-num in my local paper and do a lot of barking and woofing when I fink peoples are being not very fair to dogs (and their actual hoomans).

I has wonned an award from Dog Fest and my blog did get to the finals of the UK Blog awards and all in very all, I fink I is getting the hole very hang of this being a Rescue Dog Hambassador which is a good fing really, cos I aren’t ever going to be any quite good at Hobedience.

I does quite very actual hope you henjoy lookering at my website.

From your luffly boykin